2015 CLIA Membership Card Application

Accepted by Cruise Lines, Hotels, Car Rental Companies, Airlines and Theme Parks!

Don't Travel Without it!

Welcome to the CLIA Membership Card Processing Center! To apply for a 2015 CLIA Membership Card online, you MUST:

  1. Confirm that your membership enrollment has been processed. You will have received an email with instructions once you've submitted your new enrollment or renewal. Please allow up to 10 business days for processing of your membership to receive that correspondence.

  2. Confirm that your agency has renewed their CLIA membership for 2015. If they have not, you are not eligible for a CLIA agent membership or the ID card. If you have enrolled and your agency is not an active CLIA member, your membership will be cancelled.

  3. Confirm that your agency has all contact information listed for their key contact - which can be an owner or manager.

  4. Confirm your eligibility to receive the card with your agency. If you order the card and your agency says you are not eligible, they can cancel your membership and your card will be voided.

  5. Be 18 years of age or older.

  6. Have a digital photo (that has been created digitally or scanned and formatted) that is a headshot with a white or off-white background. This photo should be a JPEG file at a recommended 180 pixels. Any photo submitted that does not meet these specifications will be rejected. A rejected photo will delay your CLIA Membership Card application and could incur additional charges for processing.*

*Your CLIA Membership Card application will not be processed unless you confirm each of the steps above.

Please enter the required information in each field below. If you are renewing your card, please enter your name and CLIA number as it appeared on your 2014 card. Please take note to:

  • Enter numbers only (no other characters or punctuation such as a hyphen (-)) into any # field (ex: 00123456).

  • Enter only your first name in the first name field (do not enter your middle name, middle initial or any other characters or designation); and only your last name in the last name field (do not enter any certification abbreviations or any other designations).

Following these steps will help to insure a smooth process in ordering your CLIA Membership Card!

First Name:
Last Name:
Your CLIA #:
CLIA # on 2014 card: (if different from the CLIA # above)
Your CID # (Enter only if you are enrolled in a CLIA Certification Program)
Personal ID #: