Since we get paid only when your e2e-store sells product, we work hard to help you generate revenue. It is our experience that PARTNERSHIPS work best when each party has a complete understanding of their partnership role. The following summarizes each party’s role.

We will:

  • Develop your e2e-store site from scratch, or adapt your existing system, including logos and wallpaper, to the e2e system.
  • Process all e-commerce orders, using Network Solutions SiteSafe™ security, and calculate handling fees, shipping fees and taxes, on the fly. In addition, e2e-store will send personalized confirmations to your buyers upon receipt of order and at dispatch of products.
  • Store your products in our secured 65,000 + square foot warehouse facility.
  • Fulfill all e2e-store orders within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Service your account with a host of online customer service tools that keep track of your customer requests from order receipt to product delivery and provide you with a personal account representative who will monitor your day-to-day account activity.
  • Manage your database by providing you with real-time access to your database of customers, with the ability to sort, review, select, analyze, email and download.
  • Provide real-time reports with the click of a mouse, to analyze your site data by source, order dates, product category, item purchases, source of order, geography, demographics, etc.
  • Help promote your e2e-store with our broadcast email/fax system, to your targeted opted-in subscriber base/audience, prospects and previous buyers. This is highly effective when announcing new products, specials and price reductions. In addition, your logo will be listed on Berkshire’s e2e-store site as one of our partners, further generating activity to your store site.

You will:

  • Promote your e2e-store site to your subscriber base/audience, prospects and previous buyers.
  • Keep an adequate supply of products in inventory, sufficient to handle your e2e-store order level.
  • Assign an e2e-store manager that will work closely with our account representative to keep your e2e-store site efficient, to schedule promotions to your audience and to resolve any customer service, inventory and site issues.


It usually takes no longer than three to four weeks to implement an e2e-store. Fulfillment operations can actually begin as quickly as you ship your materials to our facilities. Contact us today and we will be happy to provide you a realistic assessment of what we can do for you, a sensible implementation schedule and a very attractive proposal for your consideration.

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